ASpell.Net Review

Spell Checker ASpell.Net Review

ASpell.Net Review Introduction

When conducting reviews of and similar site, one occasionally comes across a site or service that is completely perfect. As far as spell checking sites go, ASpell is possibly the best one on the web. The idea was to create free software that would replace ISpell technology, with ASpell, a free dictionary program that would provide users with an extended list of words to use in the places of those that they could not spell.  And the review of shows that the this website is really good! This is an absolutely effective spellchecker, so if you are looking for online spellcheckers, go there immediately!

ASpell Rating

The review of reveals that it warrants a rating on 0.5 out of a possible 5 stars. There is really nothing else that can be said except that it a total waste of time and completely out dated.

ASpell.Net and Its Spell Checker

ASpell is reliant on ASpell technology, a system which was designed to surpass the ISpell system. It promises users more variety in terms of spelling checks, thesauri and dictionaries, for free.

What does spell check software ASpell use

The site uses spell check software, which, as mentioned above numerous times, is better than ISpell but secondary to the Enchanter software.

Is ASpell.Net a Scam

Unbelievably, ASpell is completely legitimate.