Cruinneog.Com Review

Spell Checker Cruinneog.Com Review

Cruinneog.Com Review Introduction

Writing in foreign languages in Microsoft Word can be an incredibly frustrating experience, as more often than not, the spell checkers and grammar guides included in the program are basic, and do not capture the nuance and subtlety of your chosen tongue. The same is even true of the English offerings! But thankfully, there are solutions available for those who have the passion and flair necessary to communicate and write in their first languages. One such solution is available from, which is a site that sells spelling check and grammar check software for Word that has been formulated so that you can write flawless Gaelic in this traditionally exclusive program. Essentially what you get from Cruinneog is a fusion of the GaelSpell spell checker and the Ceart grammar checker, as well as an auto correct feature for common errors and a simply massive thesaurus. The idea is that you can learn and master your Gaelic, and avoid those incredibly frustrating Word sessions. The program is endorsed by several governing bodies, and seems to have won rampant approval amongst Gaelic speakers.

Cruinneog Rating

Gaelic is a particularly difficult language to master, and because of the fusion of two leading programs, a review of merits a reward of 4 stars (out of a possible 5). The inclusion of a video is useful, and compelling, although it has to be said that because of the niche market that is being targeted, the product virtually sells itself.

Cruinneog.Com and Its Spell Checker

As mentioned above, Cruinneog is much more than a simple spell checker. What users get is a package that corrects spelling as well as grammar, which is essential when working with such a unique and ancient language. Take note that any autocorrect is flawed and this may frustrate users who are more sure of themselves.

What software Cruinneog uses sells packages that are a unique fusion of GaelSpell, the leading Gaelic spell checker, and Ceart, which is an authority in Gaelic grammar.

Is Cruinneog.Com a scam?

This is a unique and genuine product, definitely not a scam.