Grammarly.Com Review

Spell Checker Grammarly.Com Review

Grammarly.Com Review Introduction

A review of shows that it is a very competitive and comprehensive spell check and proofreading service that has been set up to meet the needs of college students, high school scholars, businesses and private professionals alike. It offers not only spell check features, but general proofreading measures too which are in place to ensure that you receive the clearest, best language possible on the project that you submit. It caters to native speakers and foreign users on any level, and if the scrolling testimonials are anything to go by, then it is an incredibly effective site indeed.

Grammarly Rating

A thorough review of reveals that it is particularly well constructed, easy to use, visually appealing, and totally comprehensive. For this reason, this review of Grammarly earns a rating of 4,5 stars out of 5. The reason for the lost percentage is the fact that makes use of their own, fully customizable grammar setting system, which recognizes errors and can be tailored to your own level and personal requirements. While it is clearly an effective system, it would have been nice to see a recognizable software system used – it is a lot easier to trust a spell check service if you are familiar with their online spell check software. Apart from this, the site is almost perfect, and is most definitely a credit to the services on offer.

Grammarly.Com and Its Spell Check

A review of Grammarly shows that the company has incorporated their own spell check system. The idea is that the client does a sort of advanced search, in which they fill in a variety of information about the task at hand and their personal preferences. These preferences are then filtered through an existing database of common errors and linguistic abnormalities, until the final text that is produced is clear and spell checked and proofread to the highest degree.

What Spell Check Software Grammarly Uses

This is the only area of concern that a review of yielded. The spell checking software, which is more of a personalized database, is not a standard for online spell check sites. It is a system unique to Grammarly, and this will not please many clients who are familiar with similar spell check software. There is no recognized spell check software in place – only the online spell check database.

Is Grammarly.Com A Scam?

No it’s legitimate