Spell Checker Labs.Translated.Net Review

The Translated Labs Review Introduction

The Translated Labs is a specialized core group that has excelled in providing linguistic software solutions. Consisting of top scientists and linguists, ‘the T-Labs’ has developed an innovative online spell checker service which is able to correct spelling errors in over 20 languages. This free-to-use spell checker service by ‘the T-Labs’ provides guaranteed successful results because it has been developed after extensive testing. Created by the core innovative group of TRANSLATED, a language service provider, online spell check service is certainly a fantastic tool for students and professionals alike.

The Translated Labs Rating

The Translated Labs online spell check service review has led us to give a 4-star rating to this top class free spell checker tool. This spell checker service appeals to users of different backgrounds as it provides support for more than 20 different languages including Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Danish, German, Icelandic, Flemish, Italian, Indonesian and English. review has also revealed the amazing AUTO feature which automatically identifies the language of the text entered by a user and runs a spell test accordingly. In terms of performance, the T-labs online spell check service is very good, however, it does not offer any grammar check and vocabulary or thesaurus feature. and its spellchecker

The corner stone of every successful and popular online spell checker tool is that users find it very easy to use because of its simplified design. Fortunately, The Translated Labs online spell checker service review has led us to believe that it provides easy and fast spelling check service. All users have to do is to enter text in a text box, select a language and click the ‘Check’ button to start the spell test. Thanks to the special ‘Auto’ feature, the T-labs online spell checker tool can automatically identify the language of the text entered by you and give results accordingly.

What spell check software The Translated Labs uses? online spell checker service is based on Aspell open source technology, while the interface it uses is AJAX. The management at The Translated Labs has decided to follow a model similar to Wikipedia for improvement of dictionaries used by their online spell checker.

Is a scam?

The Translated Labs online spell checker reviews confirm the fact that this web-based service is perfectly trustworthy and legit. The existence of any The Translated Labs fraud or scam allegations is out of question.