Spell Checker Review

Medical Spell Checker Review Introduction

Medical Spell Checker service is one of the few specialized free online spell checker services as it particularly aims at satisfying the needs of medical students and doctors. Designed to run accurate spell test on medical and pharmaceutical terms, service has been programmed with over 500,000 medical and pharmaceutical terms in its database. Medical Spell Checker software can also be downloaded for free by users who wish to use it with Microsoft Office. In addition, to offering high-class medical spell checking service, Medical Spell Checker reviews also show that you can also access medical dictionary and links to medical books through their website.

Medical Spell Checker Rating has awarded 3-star rating out of 5 precisely because it only targets a specific portion of internet users, those who are concerned with the medical field. In addition, Medical Spell Checker reviews have led us to believe that their spell checking service is reasonably accurate; however, their service needs to look into the number of suggestions that are offered to users against each misspelled word. The fact that Medical Spell Checker service encompasses a staggering collection of over 500,000 medical and pharmaceutical terms is an impressive feature. This spell checker service can even by integrated into your own website which is another major plus, while this software is also available in downloadable version. and Its Spellchecker review has put us in a good position to discuss the merits and demerits of their spell checker. Their online spell checker allows users to enter a single word or longer text in a small box and the results are showed in a new window that pops up when the ‘Spell Check’ button is clicked. Medical spelling test review has shown less than satisfactory results to our team as no suggestions were shown for a fairly common medical term, ‘cardiology’ when it was misspelled as ‘cardiolohy’.

What Spell Check Software Medical Spell Checker Uses?

Free Medical Spell Checker service uses MedicWords software which is a comprehensive medical spelling checker because it encompasses terminologies relating to different branches of the medical field including neurology, nursing, cardiology, dentistry and anatomy.

Is Medical-Spell-Checker a Scam?

Review of has not given us any evidence to believe in any Medical Spell Checker fraud or scam accusations. Medical students can afford to rely on this free spelling checker service without any second thoughts.