MyStilus.Com Review

Spell Checker MyStilus.Com Review

MyStilus.Com Review Introduction

Writing a review of is simultaneously a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because there is very little wrong with the site and the service that it represents, but this is also a curse because it is imperative to try and track down faults, even when there are almost none to be found.
Once you delve into the site it is highly effective. The colours are great, the copy is well written, the scrolling ads and testimonials are effective, and the entire package works. This is an impressive site that mirrors a great service. The benefit of proofreading over standard spell checking is that you can control tone, style, grammar and spelling all at once, so that instead of merely correcting the term, you can maintain perfectly clear language throughout. And best of all, the services of MyStilus are available in several languages, which makes pretty much the perfect service if you are looking for an online spell checker and proofreading system.

MyStilus Rating

A review of shows that it earns a near-perfect 4.5 out of stars. The only real problem is that little niggling issue of opening in Spanish which loses the site some points.

MyStilus.Com and Its Spell Checking

Unlike other online spell checks, MyStilus is a proof-reader, which means that your language itself is fixed, and not just the spelling of incorrect words. While there are some nuances of language that are sure to be overlooked, the overall effect is great, and you can try it for free.

What Spell Check Software MyStilus Uses makes use of their own spell checking and proofreading software.

Is MyStilus.Com a Scam?

No it isn’t!