RainMakerInc.Com Review

Spell Checker RainMakerInc.Com Review

RainMakerInc.Com Review Introduction

A review of rainmakerinc.com shows that, despite the rather cheesy name, RainMakerInc is a very competitive option if you are in the market for spell check software. Essentially what you get from rainmakerinc.com is spell checking software that is cross compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, and any kind of program in which you would type text, from Word and Excel to instant messaging interfaces and emails. Basically all that you do is download the spell checker, aptly named Spell Catcher, and start typing. You will get autocomplete, spelling correction, a handy shorthand feature, which is ideal for college students, and a number of dictionaries. Spell Catcher also acts as a proof-reader, correcting syntax and common grammar mistakes. The program is quite affordable, particularly for private users, and if the testimonials are anything to go by, then Spell Checker really works.
So if you are looking for a great spell checker, then RainMakerInc, and Spell Catcher, may be an effective choice for you.

RainMakerInc Rating

An overall review of rainmakerinc.com, which includes the product itself and the website, earns RainMakerInc a rating of 4 out of a possible 5 stars. As far as spellcheckers go Spell Check is impressive in the sense that it can be used on Macs and PCs, and in a variety of different text production circumstances. The problem comes with the website layout and copy, which, as mentioned above, could use a little work. Also, poor autocorrect could frustrate users.

RainMakerInc.Com and Its Spellcheck

Unlike similar online spell check options, what RainMakerInc is selling you is a more complete word management solution. You do get standard error correction and thesaurus features, but it is the proof reading and shorthand features that really make the difference. You can grow your dictionary as you see fit, which means that you are likely to find an application for Spell Catcher regardless of what field you are in.

What Spellcheck Software RainMakerInc Uses

Spell Catcher

Is RainMakerInc.Com a Scam?