Spell Checker Review

ReSpelt Review Introduction

In an era when web users only judge websites by taking a bird’s eye view of their web content, online spell checker services have become very important. ReSpelt is a unique online spell checker that is 100% web-based and does not require its users to download and install any software to be able to use it. From checking text, documents, web pages to even screening out spelling errors in RSS feeds, ReSpelt is regarded as one of the most efficient tools available on the web for detecting and rectification of spelling errors. Signing up with even allows users to receive automatic daily spell checking service together with a private work dictionary. Rating

ReSpelt spell checker deserves a 4 star rating out of 5 simply because of its user friendliness and excellent spell checker software. While there are literally hundreds of online free spelling checkers that apply to web pages and articles, but is unique as it also allows you to rectify spelling errors in RSS feeds. In addition, you can also get your website or blog checked for spelling errors by adding web URL address. ReSpelt offers special daily spell checking service for RSS feeds and web pages for users who get signed up with the website.

ReSpelt and Its Spellchecker

The home page of spell checker service features three different text boxes for users to either enter text, web URL or RSS feed to run a spell check test. The home page also contains a short video tutorial discussing the benefits of signing up with the service. As opposed to other services where a different window pops out showing the result of spell test, ReSpelt shows the results on the same page and users can see up to 6 suggestions by right-clicking on the underlined words. All in all, ReSpelt review has confirmed the reliability of their spell checker service.

What Spell Check Software ReSpelt Uses?

Review of ReSpelt website has not given us any information about the spell checking software the service utilizes.

Is a Scam?

ReSpelt is not only a reliable spell checker service, but ReSpelt review has given us good reason to conclude that it is one of the best on the web. Therefore, we can say with reasonable certainty that there is no chance of fraud or scam.