spell-check-thesaurus.com Review

Spell Checker spell-check-thesaurus.com Review

spell-check-thesaurus.com Review Introduction

Spell-Check-Thesaurus is one of the recently developed free online spell test service. Currently going through its beta stage, Spell-Check-Thesaurus spell checker is an open office spell checker version of Hunspell. Spell-check-thesaurus.com service review has informed us that the service will come with various additional features as time goes by. Currently, Spell-Check-Thesaurus is more of a vocabulary test for internet users as it allows users to enter any word to run a spell test. In the days to come, webmasters and bloggers will definitely stay tuned to Spell-Check-Thesaurus spell checker service.

Spell-Check-Thesaurus Rating

Spell-check-thesaurus.com has been awarded a 3-star rating simply because it is still not a finished product and there is much speculation about the quality of features to be integrated into this service in future. At present, Spell-Check-Thesaurus spellchecker service only allows users to run spell test on a word, one by one, which is clearly an inconvenience. Nevertheless, the performance of this free spell checker service is reasonably good. The fact that Spell-Check-Thesaurus currently only offers spelling check is a bit of a drawback as compared to other free services which also specialize in grammar and thesaurus test. All in all, Spell-Check-Thesaurus is certainly one free spell checker which can be expected to get better in the days to come.

Spell-Check-Thesaurus and Its Spellchecker

Spell-Check-Thesaurus spell checker allows a small space for users to enter any word and the spell test can be initiated by pressing the ‘Check’ button or by simply pressing ‘Enter’. This spell checker service is efficient and offers up to 5 suggestions for potential errors in the typed word. In addition, once you click on any of the suggestions to correct the error, the website also gives a short list of synonyms.

What Spell Check Software Spell-Check-Thesaurus Uses?

Spell-Check-Thesaurus is a .Net version of Hunspell, which is an open office spell checker. Although,Spell-check-thesaurus.com spell checking service is still in beta stage, the developers have mentioned on the website that additional features will also be available to users

Is Spell-Check-Thesaurus.com a Scam?

Spell-Check-Thesaurus fraud and scam allegations can certainly be done away with as this is a legit spell checking service. Spell-Check-Thesaurus reviews have confirmed that there is no reason to believe in any Spell-check-thesaurus.com scam allegations.