spellboy.com Review

Spell Checker spellboy.com Review

SpellBoy Review Introduction

spellboy.com is an emerging spellchecking tool available on the web. There are various SpellBoy reviews available for webmasters to evaluate if this online spell test service is good enough to satisfy their needs or not. SpellBoy was founded by a German named Christopher and it was first intended to work as an iGoogle App, but its popularity forced its founder to dedicate a website for this purpose. SpellBoy supports American English, British English and German language and it comes with great settings options. Considered to be a fast, free and easy-to-use online spell checker, spellboy.com has also received a nod of approval by Google, WapReview and CNet.

SpellBoy.com Rating

We have decided to award a 4 out of 5 rating to this service after conducting SpellBoy review. SpellBoy is an online as well as mobile spell checking app which is absolutely free and very fast to use. The fact that spellboy.com does not require JavaScript makes it easily available on different browsers. In terms of quality of service and usability, SpellBoy is reasonably convenient; however, the fact that it only supports American and British English and German languages is a drawback. With the help of SpellBoy spell checking service users can now create and edit blog posts from their smartphones.

SpellBoy and its spellchecker

In terms of performance, SpellBoy spell checker is one of the best. Users are allowed to paste text in a box where they can start the spell check by pressing the Return key. Apart from showing helpful text statistics, spellboy.com spelling checking service also comes with various handy options such as choosing to save spell checked text in a TXT file, printing the text and switching from lower case to upper case and vice versa. SpellBoy reviews have revealed that it is strictly a spelling check service and does not offer grammar checking service.

What Spell Check Software SpellBoy Uses?

SpellBoy uses GNU Aspell, ‘After the Deadline’ software and Bing web search to offer top class spell checking service.

Is spellboy.com a Scam?

SpellBoy has been approved by Google, CNet, WapReview and Mobile Mammoth so it is clearly a legit service. Besides, according to knowledge, no spellboy.com fraud or scam claims have arisen.