spellcheck.cc Review

Spell Checker SpellCheck.CC Review

SpellCheck.CC Review Introduction

For those web users who are in search for high quality bilingual spell check service which is 100% web-based, SpellCheck.CC spell checker is certainly the perfect choice. SpellCheck.CC holds distinction in comparison to other free online spell checking tools because it offers spell checking service in 24 international languages. SpellCheck.CC spell checker is able to provide amazingly accurate spell test results because it has the support of Google’s Toolbar Document Spell Checker Web Service. With a user-friendly privacy policy and terms of usage, SpellCheck.CC is certainly a top draw in the online spell checker industry.

SpellCheck.CC Rating

SpellCheck.CC has been awarded 4 stars out of 5 to signify its superb spell checker service and appeal to an international audience. SpellCheck.CC is an open source spell checker tool which is available to international users free of cost. SpellCheck.CC was developed from the BoogieSpell open source project and it is designed for 24 different languages including English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Polish. SpellCheck.CC review has shown that there is no doubt about the reliability of their spell checking service; however, it is worth mentioning that SpellCheck.CC does not offer grammar or thesaurus service.

SpellCheck.CC and Its Spellchecker

Web users who wish to have 24/7 unrestricted access to a free web-based spellchecker will be satisfied by the performance of SpellCheck.CC. The website provides a simply text box in which any text content can be entered to be spell-checked. As soon as a user clicks on the ‘Check Spelling’ button, words with spelling errors will be underlined in red and suggestions can be found be right-clicking on the underlined words. SpellCheck.CC spell checker offers more than five suggestions for each error which is good enough.

What Spell Check Software SpellCheck.CC Uses?

SpellCheck.CC uses Google’s Toolbar Document Spell Checker Web Service; so essentially, all the content is spell-checked by Google which is one of the leaders online.

Is SpellCheck.CC a Scam?

Anyone having any second thoughts about spell checker service offered by SpellCheck.CC should immediately turn a deaf ear to any SpellCheck.CC fraud or scam claims. SpellCheck.CC review has confirmed that it is a perfectly legit and free-for-all web-based spell check service.