SpellCheckAnywhere.Com Review

Spell Checker SpellCheckAnywhere.Com Review

SpellCheckAnywhere.Com Review Introduction

When conducting a review of spellcheckanywhere.com, one gets the feeling that this is a potentially great idea that is marred by poor execution. The concept is fairly simple. SpellCheckAnywhere allows you to download more advanced spell checking software, that supersedes the existing power of most standard spell checkers. We all know the importance of correct spelling, and it really can mean the difference between success and failure, both academically and in business, but most spell check software is woefully inadequate. What spellcheckanywhere.com gives you is better spell checking, that incorporates various jargon and languages. If you are keen on trying it you can download a free trial and see how things go, and then purchase the full product.

SpellCheckAnywhere Rating

A review of spellcheckanywhere.com warrants a rating of 2 out of a possible 5 stars. While the concept is good, and the spell checker advantages clear, it is unlikely that anyone would trust the product based on the copy on the site itself. It’s a little bit like buying a fitness DVD from someone who is morbidly obese.

SpellCheckAnywhere.Com and Its Spell Checking

The spellchecker available at SpellCheckAnywhere can be applied to any programme in which you would expect to type, such as email programs, word processors, or even more creatively to Excel and other programs. This has its place, no doubt, but one would think that the software developers would have applied their own spell checker to the copy on their home page.

What Spell Check Software SpellCheckAnywhere Uses

spellcheckanywhere.com is selling an entirely new spell check software that is designed to enhance and expand the existing spellchecker on a number of popular programs, and as such, one may not recognize the software used. SpellCheckAnywhere does incorporate a spellchecker that deals with field specific language, as well as English variants.

Is SpellCheckAnywhere.Com a Scam?

Suggestions that SpellCheckAnywhere is a scam are harsh, although they may be valid, as the site is vague.