spellchecker.net Review

Spell Checker SpellChecker.Net Review

SpellChecker.Net Review Introduction

SpellChecker.Net is considered to be one of the topmost vendors in hosted and licensed spell checking services and the company had made quite a mark since 1999 when it founded. SpellChecker.Net specializes in providing web content spell checking solutions to different types of customers. SpellChecker.Net free online spell checker service provides unparalleled results to thousands of users on a daily basis as it is one of the most popular in the industry. With provision of outclass spell check service in 24 different languages and free thesaurus service, SpellChecker.Net is one of the big boys in the industry.

SpellChecker Rating

Online spell checking service offered by SpellChecker.Net deserves a 5 out of 5 rating because are not too many free web-based services which surpass it in terms of performance and reliability. SpellChecker.Net reviews available on the web make it clear that their free online spell checker service is high regarded by thousands of users. SpellChecker leads the way in the industry as it provides super spelling correction service in 24 languages, while the service also aims at improving your vocabulary by providing free thesaurus. However, grammar check and thesaurus are only available for US English which can be on inconvenience to users who speak and write other languages.

Spell Checker and Its Spellchecker

SpellChecker.Net offers a state-of-the-art spell checker tool which has been engineered to rectify the most complex spelling and grammar mistakes. After you commence the spell test at Spell Checker, JavaScript code generates a new window in which the results of the test are visible. Each underlined word is matched by at least a dozen suggestions with several buttons such as ‘Change’ and ‘Ignore’. After using the given options to complete the spell test, users can click on ‘Finish Checking’ button and use the corrected text.

What Spell Check Software SpellChecker.Net Uses?

SpellChecker.Net review has revealed that their spell check service uses WebSpellChecker and SCAYT solutions. The spell checker software used by SpellChecker.Net mainly resides WebSpellChecker.net server.

Is Spell Checker a Scam?

SpellChecker.Net fraud or scam allegations do not have any substance because their spell checking service is ranked by many as No.1 in the industry. SpellChecker.Net is one of the leaders in the industry that is engaged in providing several spell checker products in addition to providing free online spelling correction service.