spellex.com Review

Spell Checker Spellex.com Review

spellex.com Review Introduction

Spellex is one of the most reputed names in the spell check industry as it has been one of the pioneers in developing online spell checker tools. Spellex.com spell check tools reviews are easily available on various independent websites which declare the company’s tools miles ahead of its competition. While Spellex has pioneered the development of industry-specific spelling dictionary software, it is also one of the leaders in offering spell check tools for online users and custom applications. Spellex web site spelling service is extremely popular and is currently being used by thousands of websites which value the quality of their web content. With exciting features and unparalleled spell check results, Spellex.com is a giant in the online spell check industry.

Spellex Rating

We have decided to award a 4-star rating to Spellex website spelling service and have refrained from giving the highest ranking if it were not for the relatively high price of their services. As opposed to hundreds of free online spell checker tools and websites, Spellex.com charges fees for its spell check tools including its website spell check service. Brand-conscious customers will not come across a more popular and reputable spell checker service than Spellex as it has been operating for over 25 years. Although, diversity is a hallmark of their spell check service, Spellex review of their website spell check service has informed us that their spell test is conducted by professional proofreaders and users are not required to install any software. However, we feel that most users will find Spellex spell check service to be beyond their financial reach and would rather rely on a free online spellchecker.

Spellex and Its Spellchecker

Spellex.com reviews have shown to us that apart from clearing out all spelling errors, your website will also be made more search engine optimized by their spell checker service. In addition, a quick site summary will also be issued in addition to the instant spelling error report. With the help of in-built Spelling Mistake Highlighter, the spell checker efficiently screens out all errors on your website. In addition, customers are also allowed a free trial of Spellex web site spelling service which can be used by entering name, email address and website URL.

What Spell Check Software spellex.com Uses?

Spellex uses its own in-house built Spellex spell check software which is one of best in terms of offering highly accurate spell check services.

Is Spellex a Scam?

Spellex.com scam allegations have not come to our knowledge and our review of their site and service has given us a fair indication that Spellex website spelling service will give great value for your money.