spelljax.com Review

Spell Checker Spelljax.com Review

SpellJax Review Introduction

SpellJax.com is an incredibly simple-to-use and highly accurate online spell checker tool that is growing in popularity with writers and website administrators. There is no denying the fact that silly spelling mistakes on your website content can be a major turn-off for your visitors, and hiring a professional writer/proofreader to screen out all errors on your website can be costly. However, with the help of SpellJax spellchecker you can instantaneously correct all sorts of spelling mistakes in your content. Using SpellJax is a no-brainer while the service also keeps all your content confidential as it does not log your content.

SpellJax.com Rating

SpellJax review has given us good reason to award a 3-star rating out of 5 to this impressive free online spell checking service. SpellJax spellchecker is all about getting your text free of spelling mistakes instantaneously as it offers a giant text box in which you can enter any text and get amazing results. Apparently, SpellJax.com only offers spelling test service for text in English language which is a major drawback. In addition, extra features of private dictionary, synonyms and definitions are also not available. If you are looking for a free online service strictly to run spelling check on your web content, then SpellJax is certainly recommended.

SpellJax and Its Spellchecker

SpellJax spellchecker review, strictly based on the performance of its spell test, has led us to give thumbs up to this online tool. SpellJax.com is fairly easy to use and sufficient number of suggested words are available when you right-click on underlined words.

What Spell Check Software SpellJax.Com Uses?

SpellJax spellchecker service is based on GNU Aspell, which is one of the leading open source spell checker software. GNU Aspell leads the way among spell checker software because of its superiority in offering greater number of and more accurate suggestions for misspelled words.

Is SpellJax a Scam?

Students, writers and webmasters can freely use SpellJax.com online spellchecker because review of their service has given us evidence that it is a legit service and there are no SpellJax fraud or scam claims by anyone on the web.