Ursa-Spelling.Com Review

Spell Checker Ursa-Spelling.Com Review

Ursa-Spelling.Com Review Introduction

More and more people are using the communication phenomenon Skype to get in touch with their friends all over the world, and while many use it for voice protocol communication, you also have the option to type text messages, much like traditional IM software. However, many people shudder at the thought of a spelling test, and their typing skills are not what they should be. The result is that they make multiple spelling errors, and Skype does not come with a standard spell checker. However, a review of ursa-spelling.com shows that it may be the answer if you need an online spell check feature as you type in Skype. All that you have to do is go to Ursa-Spelling and download the free spell checker. Once it is fully installed, you will be alerted to spelling errors by red highlighting. If you use Skype for important business, or you are frustrated by your own inadequate spelling, then using the services of ursa-spelling.com may be advisable.
The site itself is very cute and easy to use.

Ursa-Spelling Rating

A review of ursa-spelling.com shows that it deserves a 4 star rating (out of a possible 5). The software and concept are brilliant, and the site itself is very effective. The only real problem is that the copy is awkwardly written and sometimes almost impossible to understand.

Ursa-Spelling.Com and Its Spellchecker

The spellchecker on offer from Ursa-Spelling basically transforms your Skype so that it incorporates standard error highlighting, and gives you some basic thesaurus options. It is effective enough for this kind of communication, but do not expect flawless English guidance – it is a very simple spell checking system.

What Spell Check Software Ursa-Spelling Uses

The most comparable spellchecking software would be the kind used on many email operating systems. It is a very basic option that you can download for free to improve the clarity of your communication. Any review of ursa-spelling.com will show that it is easy, basic, and effective.

Is Ursa-Spelling.Com a Scam?

Scam allegations are completely unfounded. There are some language errors in the coy, but it remains legitimate.